Student — Section

Student Section

The prime objective of the student section is to assist the students for their various kinds of activities seeking from the institution such as enrollment, examination, scholarship, anti-ragging, student grievance, student affairs and certifications.

For the following activities student can contact Student Section:

  • Student admission, transfer and cancellation procedure.
  • Issuance of various academic certificates and grade cards.
  • GTU related work.
  • Payment of Semester/Exam fees.
  • Education document verification process.
  • To carry out Scholarship related activities.
  • To issue Smart I-Cards to all eligible enrolled students.
  • To certify public transports Concessional pass forms for ST/AMTS/BRTS/ Railways services.

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Mr. Umang Bhavsar

Senior Clerk/ Coordinator Student Section Assist in Scholarship Related Work