Civil Engineering

Branch image Intake: 30 seats.
Course Duration: 4 Years.

Civil Engineering

Production Engineering

Since 2012, the Civil Engineering Department at AIT has been producing quality technical manpower needed by industry, R&D organizations , and academic institutions. The Department 's academic activities emphasize understanding of fundamental principles, developing creative ability to handle Civil Engineering challenges and analytical ability to solve interdisciplinary problems. The Department also encourages its students to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, which are necessary for growth, team spirit fostering and organizational skills development. The department not only ensures that the courses are updated but also reflects the current needs of trade , industry and society as a whole.


To develop best skilled Civil Engineers with innovative mind and of global perspective; who help our nation to develop civil society


i) To provide knowledge and expertise for the development of the Society.

ii) Motivate students for higher studies and lifelong learning.

iii) To create responsible professionals capable of initiating engineering practices.